01. Your mother can [sew] a patch over that hole in the knee of your jeans if you want.
02. Sophie is interested in becoming a fashion designer, so she has to learn to [sew], in addition to working on her artistic skills.
03. You'll have to change needles on the [sewing] machine because this fabric is very thick.
04. She uses a large magnet to pick up pins off the floor in the [sewing] room.
05. According to the Bible, it was only when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit that they realized they were naked, and [sewed] fig leaves together to cover themselves.
06. Your mother has [sewn] a patch on the knee of your pants where there was a hole.
07. Penelope gets a lot of pleasure out of her [sewing].
08. The little girl smiled with pride when her grandmother complimented her on the skirt she had made in [sewing] class.
09. Regulation baseballs are [sewn] by hand.
10. The little girl [sewed] herself a little teddy bear, which she stuffed with strips of old fabric.
11. He fell and cracked his head open, so we had to take him to the hospital to get [sewn] up.
12. She made herself a lovely blouse in her [sewing] class.
13. We bought her a little [sewing] basket for her thread and needles and stuff.
14. My sister knows how to [sew], so I'll ask her to shorten my pants for me.
15. The children [sewed] themselves little hand puppets using some old scraps of material.
16. Andrea collected old bits of different colored fabric to [sew] into a beautiful blanket.
17. Michelle [sewed] some lovely curtains for our living room at half the price of what it would have cost to buy them.
18. If you know how to [sew], you can make your own clothes.
19. Fabric is so cheap these days that it's almost cheaper to buy your clothing than to [sew] something yourself.
20. A certain kind of bird in Africa makes its nest by [sewing] leaves together.
21. In 1929, the New York Yankees became the first baseball team to introduce numbers [sewn] on the backs of players' jerseys.
22. My daughter made some nice cushions to go with our sofa in her [sewing] class.
23. A Romanian proverb notes that the needle is small, but it [sews] expensive garments.

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